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About Constantia Kaloethes

I belong to the Society for Creative Anachronism, in the Kingdom of Calontir, and there, I'm known as Kuria (or Lady) Konstantia Kaloethina, an Eastern Roman (Byzantinian) woman (yes, that's actually me in that photo) of the sixth century from Constantinople, the daughter of textile merchants, selling silks from China, linen and wool from Byzantium, and cotton from Egypt.  Through a stroke of luck (and a good bit of money), I became a minor noble. (and this is how I reconcile my persona story with what I actually do in the SCA!)

I am apprenticed to Mistress Elizabeth (Bess) Darnley.  I am interested in everything from period dance and music to calligraphy and illumination, and my current large project, iconography.  I am also very interested in jewellery and period manner of adorning oneself.  (I'm Roman.  We're all about the bling, contrary to what anyone else will tell you.)

I am also proteged to Meistari Gabriel Kjotvason.  I am also Gold Falcon Principal Herald in Calontir.

My interests in the SCA are incredibly varied.

My Awards

Award of Arms - granted by Martino III and Ariel III at the William the Marshal event, May 23, AS 43 (His Majesty, knowing laugh is, nearly made me snort in court.  Apparently, there were bets being placed on whether or not I would laugh that hard.)

Torse - granted by Ostwald and Kaye at Valor Tournament, September 4, AS 45 (and somehow, I ended up barefoot.  In court.  Don't ask.)

Golden Calon Swan - granted by Ashir and Maerwynn II at Queen's Prize Tourney, November 6, AS 45.  (So did not see this coming.  Her Majesty nearly made me cry with her compliments towards my art)

Calon Cross - granted by Donngal III and Catalina at Crown Tournament 48, for my work with Noblesse Largesse, an interkingdom Arts and Sciences swap.  While I no longer run NL, I am proud to say that it continues on.

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